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In Startup Audio, we are committed to provide products with cutting-edge technology and superior design. We are proud of being an authorized dealer of many major AV products. Hence, with our own R&D team and computerized facilities, this has enabled us to diversifying our product lines with true innovations and high quality assurance to meet different customer’s expectations with the most competitive price.



At Startup Audio, we care deeply about what we do! Our goal has always been to provide our products to the highest standards. We take pride and pleasure in providing high quality equipments which have allowed our customers to enjoy better Visual experience with absolute trust in our products.


  The Team

Collaborating with experienced engineers and Sales who focus heavily on audio visual products to suit human auditory physiology. We are proudly to provide One-Stop-Shop solutions:

- Site research and Solution development (R&D)
- Supply, design and production of lighting, audios & visuals
- Provide workable installation and system backup projects
- Provide customized solutions for Corporate, Non-commercial and Education sectors

We provide technology, design, identification and consulting systems from concept to final checkout.